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Mark Hanna


I am a PharmD graduate from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in Boston who has always had a strong passion towards learning & Academia. I believe that each one of us has a gift that was given to them to serve a particular purpose. One thing that Edukos has truly taught me is that the process of learning and growth is most fruitful when it is shared with others. By that I mean, once we truly understand that the only same thing between us is that we are all different, we will realize that it is because of these variations that when humans come together towards a common goal, beauty and art are created. My hope is for you to realize that Edukos is not merely an academic platform, but it is rather a dynamic ever changing environment that strives to facilitate what is beautiful in man, in the hope that when we share the beauty of our gifts, together we can create a master piece that can impact lives, and transform our world. This is YOUR platform. Come learn, teach, share your knowledge, impact others, and most importantly use the unique gift that was given to you to seek and fulfill the purpose that you were called for.


Mark Hanna
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